A flowchart is a graphical representation of an algorithm. It consists of a set of symbols. Each symbol represents a specific kind of activity depicted in the algorithm. A typical problem would involve accepting input, processing the input and displaying the output. The processing would involve the computations and the decisions that are being taken.

Advantages of Flowcharts

  • Flowcharts are a better method of communicating logic than pseudocode and decision tables.

  • Flowcharts help in analyzing the problem effectively.

  • Flowcharts acts as a guide during the program development phase.

  • It is easier to debug errors in logic using a flowchart.

  • Flowcharts help in maintaining the programs because programmers can easily understand the logic.

Disadvantages of Flowcharts

  • A lengthy flowchart may extend over multiple pages, which reduces readability.

  • Drawing a flowchart using any graphical tool is a time consuming process.

  • The changes made to a single step may cause redrawing the entire flowchart.

  • A flowchart representing a complex algorithm may have too many flow lines. This reduces readability. In addition, it is very time - consuming to draw such flowcharts.

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