Structure Design

What is a design ?

A design is a blueprint of our project which is made before starting the actual project, thus forming an integral part of our Civil Engineering Project.

Why is a design required ?

  • A design tells us about the location of each structural component in the actual project. 

  • It gives us an overview about the dimensions of each of the structural components .

  • It gives us an idea about the loads and stresses applied on each of the components in the structure.

  • By knowing the dimensions, it is easy for us to calculate the amount of other materials (eg, reinforcement, prestressing) which are required to withstand the loads and stresses applied on each of the structural component. 

  • Before starting the project, just by designing, we can visualize the overall project before it's completion and thus designing facilitates us to make the requisite changes    (errors, corrections), in the design itself. 

  • By designing, we know the actual dimensions of each of the structural component that is used in the project, thus it helps in estimation process as well, we can calculate and find out how much  amount of material will be required to build the particular structural components as per the given dimensions and accordingly we can calculate the amount, our project will cost to. Thus, designing plays a very significant role in any structural project.