Pseudocode is a detailed yet readable description of what an algorithm must do, expressed in a formally styled natural language rather than in a programming language. Pseudocode is used as an initial step in the process of developing a program. It provides programmers a detailed template for writing instructions in a specific programming language.

Advantages of Pseudocode:

1. It is easier to write as it uses English like statements.

2. It does not need to be rewritten if any changes are made because each step is independent and may be modified without altering the other steps.

3. It can be converted to a program using any programming language. This is because the format used by Pseudocode is similar to a program. They both contain a set of sequential statements using a defined set of keywords.

Limitations of Pseudocode:

1. Pseudocode does not provide a graphical representation of an algorithm, therefore, it might be difficult to understand the complex logic in a Pseudocode.

2. Pseudocode depicting too many nested conditions may be difficult to understand.

Examples :

Pseudocode to add two numbers

Pseudocode to show variable declaration

Pseudocode to increment a number by one

Pseudocode to calculate interest

Pseudocode to compare two numbers and check for equality

Pseudocode segment to Show the Local Scope of Variables

Pseudocode segment to Show the Local Scope of Variables using function

Pseudocode segment to Show the Global Scope of Variables using a Procedure

Pseudocode to Show the Local and Global Variables having the Same Name

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